【Philips】 NICU Soothie Natural 34週早產/新生兒安撫奶嘴



The NICU Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for newborns and babies over 34 weeks gestation, without teeth, who are successfully bottle or breastfeeding.

Product Description: 

• Use by medical professionals to calm newborns and babies over 34 weeks gestation

• One-piece construction, highly durable, easy to clean

• Made of medical grade silicone


美國早產兒學院AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)廣大推廣及醫院指定使用


• 適用懷孕週數>34週新生兒

• One-Piece一體成型特殊結構,可防止水分及細菌進入,容易清潔

• 獨特仿照媽咪乳頭設計,滿足寶寶的吸吮需求

• 醫療級矽膠製成,美國製造

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