【Owli】 Sleeping Guru-Safari 四合一包被睡袋 – 藍色動物


Highlights: Award-winning Owli Sleeping Guru is a 4-In-1 swaddle convertible into a sleeping bag. Owli Sleeping Guru is designed to be a part of a baby’s life. We want Owli and babies to grow together.

Product Description: 

• Owli Sleeping Guru is primarily used as a swaddle in the first 0-3 months period. For the next 3-6 months, Owli is expandable into a larger swaddle thanks to its side zippers.

• As transitioning from a cot to bed starts in 6-12 months, babies require more space to sleep better.

• New Owli Sleeping Guru is designed with wider legroom for a comfortable sleep and acknowledged by IHDI for healthy hip development.

• New arm snaps with improved, concealed design convert this swaddle into a sleeping bag.

• Owli is perfect for toddlers between 12-36 months as they start to walk and discover.

• Enhanced legroom design is now more spacious and more comfortable for sleep or play.

• Two-way zippers and zipper protections are essential in every Owli Sleepwear.

• We created new Owli Sleeping Guru with easy to care, durable but breathable fabric.

Age Grade:  0-36 months

特色:  一件可從初生著到3歲 (16kg)


• 包被周圍有拉鍊設計,可因應BB成長拉開以增加空間

• 手臂處啪鈕設計,可以打開等BB較大時伸出手臂

• 雙向拉鍊設計方便換尿片

• 底部隱藏式褲腳,可拉出,約1-3歲使用

• 國際髖關節協會認證,不影響BB腿部發展

• OEKO-TEX認證無毒紡織品

• 材質:95%純棉,5%彈性纖維

• TOG:0.3 TOG, 適合24-27溫度,香港大部分春夏季節都適合

適用年齡: 0-36 個月

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