【Malarkey Kids】 Munch Mitt – Lilac Bloom 咬咬手套 – 丁香紫


The Munch Mitt is the original, mom-created teething mitten that babies love. A ‘handy’ solution for infants of all ages and sizes, the Munch Mitt provides relief from teething pain in a safe, easy-to-clean product that goes wherever they do. Suggested age range 3-7 months.

The Munch Mitt features three-way sensory stimulation for baby:

  • Crinkle sound stimulates baby’s hearing.
  • Bright colors and black & white pattern offer visual stimulation.
  • Textured, 100% food-grade silicone massages tender gums stimulating cause and effect.
  • BPA and phthalate-free

Munch Mitt 咬咬手套

是全球第一款可直接戴在嬰兒手上的牙膠手套,可解決嬰兒無法直接握住牙膠的問題,更可避免嬰兒長期吮手指而引起的口水疹。Munch Mitt 咬咬手套可讓處於口欲期的嬰兒隨時使用,舒緩長牙不適。

Munch Mitt 咬咬手套特色:

  • 使用手套時會有“沙沙”聲,促進嬰兒聽覺發展
  • 彩色牙膠和手套的黑白花紋,促進嬰兒視覺發展
  • 牙膠部分採用100%食品級矽膠
  • BPA Free


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