【Malarkey Kids】 Buddy Bib – Unice Unicorn 咬咬口水肩 – 獨角獸


The Buddy Bib is a detachable, 3-in-1 sensory teething toy and bib! It provides baby a 100% food-grade silicone teether attached to a lovable plush sensory toy and a soft absorbent bib. The plush sensory toy can be affixed anywhere making baby’s teether accessible while preventing it from being dropped or lost. In addition, the provided teether can be replaced with baby’s favorite pacifier. (Product does not include pacifier)
Product Description: 
•   Crinkle sound in plush toy stimulates baby’s hearing.
•   Bright, contrasting colors offer visual stimulation.
•   Textured, 100% food-grade silicone teether massages tender gums stimulating cause and effect.
•   BPA free and phthalates free.
Age Grade: 3-12 months


Buddy Bib 咬咬口水肩結合了咬咬公仔、牙膠、口水肩於一身,適用於嬰兒整個口欲期及長牙期。另外口水肩還可扣上安撫奶嘴使用。


  • 有多種不同使用方法:牙膠可扣在口水肩或嬰兒手上,口水肩可扣奶嘴
  • 使用公仔時會有“沙沙”聲,促進嬰兒聽覺發展
  • 顏色鮮明,促進嬰兒視覺發展
  • 牙膠部分採用100%食品級矽膠
  • BPA Free, Phthalates Free

適用年齡: 3-12個月


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