You no longer have to waste money on sleeping bags that will be used for a few months only. Your baby will sleep comfortably with this adaptable sleeping bag even if the child is a toddler. Owli’s special design feature does not lead to hip dislocation, and supports healthy development of baby’s hips. Does not inhibit any of the baby’s natural movements due to its special design using flexible Lycra fabric.

Award-winning Owli Sleeping Guru is a 4-In-1 swaddle convertible into a sleeping bag. Owli Sleeping Guru is designed to be a part of a baby’s life. We want Owli and babies to grow together.
Owli Sleeping Guru is primarily used as a swaddle in the first 0-3 months period. For the next 3-6 months, Owli is expandable into a larger swaddle thanks to its side zippers.
As transitioning from a cot to bed starts in 6-12 months, babies require more space to sleep better.
New Owli Sleeping Guru is designed with wider legroom for a comfortable sleep and acknowledged by IHDI for healthy hip development.
New arm snaps with improved, concealed design convert this swaddle into a sleeping bag.
Owli is perfect for toddlers between 12-36 months as they start to walk and discover.
Enhanced legroom design is now more spacious and more comfortable for sleep or play.
Two-way zippers and zipper protections are essential in every Owli Sleepwear.
We created new Owli Sleeping Guru with easy to care, durable but breathable fabric.